We’ve been working on Bikini Junkie for years.  Literally.  In fact, back in 2010 we began planting seeds for this baby!  That’s why we’re so excited to share our hand-picked Brand Ambassadors with you.

Each one is fun and sparkly!

These gorgeous mermaids are more than meets the eye.  They are students, travelers, adventurers, beach babes, boss babes, & more who exude a passion for freedom and an immense love for life!

Oh, and did we mention…

They're obsessed with bikinis.

Yep, they can’t get enough.  Why?  Because they seriously believe swimsuits represent the ULTIMATE token to happiness.  Being happy is something we can all relate to, right?!

So, what’s their secret?

We’ll show you.

Click on a pic and be taken into the world of our Bikini Junkie Brand Ambassador Squad.  We assure you, you’ll be thrilled you did.  ♡

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